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Welcome To Our Garden Of Eatin'

The Heneghan family - Dan, Nell, Elynor, Lauren, Bridget & Annalee - is delighted that our community can enjoy meals featuring fresh, natural, and when available, locally grown or harvested ingredients. Our menu changes seasonally and all of our kitchen creations are thoughtfully prepared with healthy additives such as herbs, spices, fruits, and produce that might have grown in the gardens next to our restaurant.

Please come visit us for lunch or dinner from Tuesday through Saturday, opening daily at 11am and serving dinner until 8:30 pm. Guests can enjoy our BYOWine policy after 4:30 pm for our dinner menu only.

Thank you for supporting our restaurant and we look forward to serving you soon. website. thebeachhousemandeville.com/ambien.html. thebeachhousemandeville.com/ativan.html. page. thebeachhousemandeville.com/meridia.html. www.thebeachhousemandeville.com/phentermine.html. provigil.html. thebeachhousemandeville.com/soma.html. page. thebeachhousemandeville.com/xanax.html.

Blessings + Dan & Nell


Kristen is our first staff interview! Check out what she has to say below…

What is your job at SRN? Front of House Manager

How long...

A (almost) Weed-Free Garden

The weather has been so wonderful these last couple of days that we have been able to knock out almost ALL of the weeds...

About our soups…

We have three fresh soups each day. You’ll notice on our board that we have three abbreviations: GF, DF, & V.  These stand for...

Update on Our Garden

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about what we had done with our garden. Well, as a gardener, the best time of year...